Sleep Medicine conference – prevalent and relevant

Tuesday 12 March 2013
Venue: Royal College of Physicians
Location: London

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What past delegates have said:

“The overall experience is EXCELLENT. Good content without exceptions and some really memorable presentations"

Sleep medicine is increasing in profile due to the increasing number of sleep disorders, particularly obstructive sleep apnoea, being diagnosed. It remains an area which many doctors know relatively little about, yet has links to many areas of medicine.

Held jointly with the British Thoracic Society, this one-day conference aims to raise awareness of the spectrum of sleep disorders that physicians may see in their patients and to improve delegates’ understanding of the consequences of sleep disorders, specific disease areas associated with them and the treatments available. In particular, the sleep medicine conference will discuss the increasing prevalence of sleep disordered breathing with the obesity epidemic.

Designed to be applicable to clinical practice, programme highlights include:

  • Patterns of breathing disturbance in sleep: snoring, OSA, OHS, CSA.
  • Clinical consequences ofobstructive sleep apnea– brain, heart, vessels.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea – treatment options.
  • Business planning for NHS Sleep services.
  • Causes of hypersomnia – narcolepsy, IH, delayed sleep phase, drugs.

All RCP conferences are valid for CPD credits, helping you to prepare for revalidation.

We are pleased to offer a number of partnership opportunities for companies to be involved with the conference. Further details are available by downloading the brochure below.


  • Respiratory consultants and trainees.
  • General physicians and trainees.
  • Neurologists and specialty trainees.

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